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National Truck Drivers School would like to present our Graduate of the Month for February 2000, Ben Lamb. Ben, like many of our graduates, is a native Floridian hailing from Ocoee. Ben is 36 years young and is married to a lovely woman named Lisa, which, by the way, is his business partner.

As February approaches, winter is setting in and many of us are feeling the pinch of higher fuel prices. With our cars, the cost of gas can cause a slight tightening of the family budget. For instance, if your car has a 15 gallon gas tank and you fill it once a week, at a cost of $1.30 per gallon, the monthly gas bill is $78. If the price of gas goes up by 10 cents a gallon, the monthly increase is only $6.00.

Lets take a look at what David Curtis does for a living. David is an Independent Owner/Operator. The truck you see here is his and not a trucking company. His truck has two fuel tanks that hold a total of 300 gallons. The same 10 cents per gallon increase will cost David an extra $30 every time he fills up. There is good news in all this.

Because David is an independent, when the cost of doing business goes up, so do the fees that the carrier receives for his or her services. We are not suggesting that David and other owner/operators are not concerned about the rising cost of energy, what we are suggesting is truckers must be appropriately compensated for their efforts or the goods won’t get delivered.

David is married to Nancy and together they have a daughter Melissa. David has been providing a good life for his family since graduating from National Training back in December of 1997. Before coming to National, he was in the military and did some construction work before that. David enjoys racquetball, tennis, golf, and fishing when not behind the wheel. As an owner/operator, David can set his own schedule, hours, and pace. When his financial obligations are met, David can pursue his hobbies.

David picked National Truck Drivers School because of our training facility and the ratio of instructors to students. We have a private training track that is over a mile and a quarter long designed and built to simulate actual driving conditions. David and all National students were afforded the time and practice to become familiar and comfortable with the trucks before ever taking them on a public highway. In short, National provides a quality education.

David told us that the most difficult part of training for him was learning how to double-clutch when shifting. It was hard for him because he had to unlearn “Float shifting” that he previously learned in the military. Float shifting can be hard on transmissions if not done perfectly. If you want to know more about float shifting or double-clutching, call us and we’ll tell you all about it.

David has made his family proud, the trucking industry proud, independent owner/operators proud, and he has made us here at National Training proud. He is a tribute to what can be accomplished with perseverance, hard work, and good training. For all these reasons and many more we didn’t mention, we gladly proclaim David Curtis as…

National Training’s Graduate of the Month for February 2001.

This can be you in a matter of weeks.


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