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He retired from the Army in August of 2000. Dan initially chose National because of our program for the military. “I only had to pay ¼ of the total cost and the Army paid 75%.” “I was enrolled in another school but withdrew when I found National.” Dan had also looked into a couple of companies that offer “free” training. “I didn’t like that option because you become obligated to that company after your training or you have to repay the cost of the school.”

Dan’s a third generation truck driver. Dan’s CB handle is “Easy Rider.” He was an over the road driver 20 years ago, prior to enlisting in the Army. Dan also tried his hand at being an offset pressman and a tire builder for Goodyear.

Having been a trucker 20 years earlier, the hardest thing for Dan to digest at National training was adjusting to the new lower rpm engines. While at National, Dan really enjoyed just hanging around other people that had the same interests as him. Dan told us that he really appreciated our private mile and a quarter driving track. “What you have there is an excellent way to work off the nervousness and settle down before hitting the road.”

We asked Dan if he would recommend National Truck Drivers School to anyone else. He said, “I already recommended National to my friend Darnell, and he has already attended and graduated. I would definitely recommend National to anyone, especially people getting ready to leave the military.” We are grateful for the endorsement, Dan.

Dan is married to Annette (Queasy Rider); she’s a nurse. “We have two attack Pomeranians, Peaty (Road Dog) and Rocco (Chili Pepper).” During his off time, Dan enjoys playing video games or browsing the Internet in the truck stops to relax. He especially enjoys being with Annette at home when not on a run.

Dan told us that he was offered jobs with at least 5 companies prior to graduation. He chose the Schwerman Trucking Company. Schwerman Trucking Co. is a third generation, family owned and operated subsidiary of Tankstar USA that began with one truck in 1913 and grew to become one of the largest bulk motor carriers in the nation. Dan was attracted to Schwerman for their pay/benefit package. They pay 40¢ per mile loaded and 30¢ per mile empty. In addition, Schwerman also compensates Dan hourly pay for loading/unloading/tank wash etc… Dan has been with Schwerman Trucking since Aug 2000 and drives a HAZMAT chemical tanker.

Dan will stay out anywhere from a couple of days to three weeks at a time. He likes the longer runs because “you can get into the routine and just travel.” “I enjoy the freedom of the open road, eating or sleeping etc. on my schedule.”

“I would recommend trucking to anyone who wants to make a good living without having someone looking over your shoulder all the time. I hate being micro-managed.” We agree. Dan earned $55,000 last year alone. Although not typical, it is an indication of what trucking can do for your wallet.

Dan, we thank you for your kind words, your dedication to your family, your personal initiative, and most of all, we thank you for being a trucker!

You are…

Graduate of the Month for December 2001.

This can be you in a matter of weeks.


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