Craig Scott

National Training Truck School was very pleased to have Craig Scott. attend our school in January 2013.Craig Scott lives in Yulee, FL with his wife Donnalea. They have two sons and a daughter.

Craig Scott was a restaurateur in the area and when the economy went sour and people lost their jobs, it of course affected his business too. He ended up having to close his restaurant and had hard times finding work. He said that there seemed to be plenty of work in the trucking industry and it was always a dream to be able to drive across the country.

He started looking into the trucking industry and after speaking with a recruiter from a top notch company, she highly recommended National Training Truck School as a starting point. Tim now works for that company and is not only enjoying full health benefits, full tuition reimbursement, paid vacations and a stable career; he is enjoying the open road! He said it wasn’t hard to choose from the three job offers he received while in training, he would go with the company that recommended him to National Training Truck School.

Craig Scott 3\

We asked what his experience was like while at National Training Truck School, he said that the information and skills he gained while in the three week class, it felt more like he was there for three months because it was chalk full of all he needed to be successful in his new career.

Congratulations Craig on making the smart choice and choosing National Training Truck School for your training!

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