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Meet National Truck Driver School Graduate of the Month
for February 2011, Corinne Mack.

Corinne is one of our Lady Truckers and we are proud to have her as a National Training alumnus. She lives in Orange Park, Florida which is right down the street from us.

Corinne comes from a fairly large family having 2 sisters and 4 brothers. Hmmm, we bet that was an exciting household. Corinne’s mother is a high school math teacher so we sure she knew how to maintain control of that household.

Before Corinne came to National Training Truck Driver School she held several jobs such as a Pro-shop assistant for 7 years, tutored Geometry and Algebra 1&2 on the side and also worked with her father in construction. Now that’s diverse!

With such a diverse background and plenty of skills and education we wanted to know why, more out of curiosity, she wanted to be a Professional Truck Driver and in her exact words she told us “It was something I have wanted to do for several years. I want to see the country and I love to drive”. It’s just as simple as that. We really like her way of thinking.

We asked Corinne why she chose National Truck Driver School for her training and she explained to us the extensive research she had done had showed her that National Training was the best school for her needs. She also explained to us that Tal Miller, a National Training representative, was very helpful on the phone before she enrolled into the program. The cherry on top was the fact that our school is also in the same town she lives in.

Corinne went on to tell us that she had a great time while she was with us and the only part she felt a bit frustrated was, of course, the backing pad. That seems to be normal for almost everyone however our instructors work their magic and literally decades of experience and things turn out just fine. On the flip side


Corinne tells what she enjoyed and will remember the most are Sam Hogg and learning to double clutching. Corinne said that Sam’s sense of humor and knowledge made things less stressful. As we mentioned, her favorite thing was learning to double clutch…and then getting it!!! Its great when things just click together she says.

The following Monday after graduation Corinne has an interview with Windy Hill Transport…we wish her good luck. Her goals are to drive over-the-road, hopefully driving a flat-bed but, she says, she will take experience anywhere she can get it right now. Ultimately Corinne wants to work for a small family owned company someday.

Corinne, before we close, Sam Hogg had a few parting words for you he sent to us.

“Working with Corinne was a pleasure and a thrill for me. I really enjoy working with students that put 110% into the course and openly accept the experience I have to offer. Corinne was that type of student. She worked very hard and I’m happy to have played a part in her success. I was really impressed.”

Sam Hogg
National Truck Driver School

Well, Corinne it seems you’ve made quite an impression on Sam. Although a very cheerful man he’s not easy to impress. Good Job to you.

Corinne we really hope you stop by and see us again soon…bring your truck with you. We love to see our graduates with their rigs.

Thank you,
National Training, Inc.
National Truck Driver School

This can be you in a matter of weeks.


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