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Meet Cody Krug… National Truck Driver School Graduate of the Month for May 2010.

Cody graduated from National Training in January but we wanted to make sure he received the recognition he deserved.

Cody is a United States Marine Corp infantry veteran. Cody, from all of us at National Training…Thank You for your service to us and this country. We salute you.

Although Cody isn’t married he has two younger sisters and his parents he cares about deeply. Although we are sure his family is just as proud of him as we are we are also certain they are thankful Cody is now out of harms way and now in a much safer career field.

Having several military veterans here at National Training we know what it’s like when the time comes to get out of the service and find a new career path to follow. It comes with many stresses, especially when you have a family to support. When a service member decides it is time to depart the military life a lot of planning takes place to prepare. Although the military provides many benefits to it’s service members such as educational benefits to help pay for schooling the life of a service member sometimes doesn’t afford the time to attend a school full time. What happens is many service members get out without proper training to jump right into a new job. The transition can be rough if not prepared.

Cody is one that prepared prior to his departure from the Marine Corp. National Training provides training that is short and very convenient and works very well with military personnel and can have them job ready in just a few months and not years. Even with the military lifestyle our training program allows people to keep up with their obligations and even while deployed overseas people can still complete the course materials.

Cody learned about this and decided earning a Class “A” Commercial Driver’s License through National Truck Driver School’s training format would provide him with a great back up plan so his transition from military to civilian would be much easier.

Cody learned of our program through his base education office and our representative we have onsite. National Training is a fully accredited program which allows us to work with military members and the military’s education programs.

We asked Cody what his experience was like during his time with during his hands on resident training phase and he simply said “It was a blast”. Well, that’s short and to the point of how he felt, but it’s the truth. Our students do seem to have fun even though our programs are challenging.

When we asked Cody if he had any memorable moments during his time with us we had to chuckle a bit at his answer. Cody said “I don’t really have one particular moment. I had fun every day. Oh wait…Passing! That was my favorite memory”.


Like we mentioned earlier Cody chose National Truck Driver School because it is a good back up plan and provides a means for people, such as military members, to get on their feet quickly when they get out of the service and move on to the career they really want to go after. Cody’s real aspirations are to become an Aerospace Engineer and wants to attend school in Colorado.

Because Cody now has his Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) he now has the means to work and pay for his college. Not only will his CDL provide him with what he needs while he’s out it will also provide a way for him to attend college and, if the unthinkable should happen and somehow gets laid off while working as an Aerospace Engineer he has a backup plan called a CDL.

What are Cody’s immediate future plans? Well, after serving in the U.S. Marine Corp for a few years he first wants to hike the Appalachian Trail, then go to school and then start work.

Cody’s instructor’s thought highly of him too. Here’s what they had to say.

Instructor Comments:
“Cody took to the training very fast and you could see he wanted to learn everything there was to know about truck driving. He’s a natural at it; a very good driver. No doubt the values he learned while in the Marine Corp are surely engrained in him now. Cody will do just fine with whatever he decides to do with his life. You can just see he’s that type of person. We’re glad we got to know him.”

Cody we want to thank you for choosing us to help you in your life’s path and again thank you for your service to us.

National Training, Inc.

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