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The popular cliché “An elephant never forgets” does not just apply to our pachydermic friends.  We here at National Truck Drivers School don’t forget either

We are pleased to introduce to you a scholar from the past, Mr. Calvin G Gilbert.  Calvin graduated in February of 1989.  If you can remember back that far, what was the state of the economy?  That’s right, not so great.  There was a much higher unemployment rate then.  Even in those rough economic times, Calvin had 5 job offers before he finished Resident Training.

We asked Calvin, why he chose to drive for Commercial Shuttle Service (CSS), he was quick to respond.  He simply told us that CSS had great pay, and allowed him to be home on the weekends.  Weekends are apparently reserved for his hobbies that include fishing and checkers.

National Truck Drivers School wanted to recognize Calvin simply because of his drive and determination.  And after almost twelve years, he’s still trucking, and doing well.

For the past eleven years, Calvin has enjoyed the freedom that comes from being a competent, successful, and skilled truck driver.  Calvin chose National for the confidence and skills only National can provide.  Calvin’s curriculum was designed for success.  With the bookwork done before he arrived at National, he had plenty of time behind the wheel to build tricky driving skills. The truck transmission and backing trailers require practice.  Practice is exactly what Calvin received eleven years ago, and he is still practicing today.

He has been well paid for doing what he loves to do, and that is, meeting new people, seeing new places, and being on his own.  If you like the idea of no one looking over your shoulder and telling you what to do, maybe you might look into trucking.  As Calvin will attest, “Trucking gives you the freedom to be your own boss.”

Calvin was successful in other career fields prior to answering the call of the open road.  He worked as a forklift operator, shipping and receiving supervisor, and yard worker.  We are happy for Calvin that he found a career that provides him with a great income and a true joy in doing it.  How many of us really enjoy our jobs?

Calvin says, “ If you want to be on your own, enjoy what you do, and get paid for doing it, get behind the wheel of the big rigs.”  We say, “Thanks Calvin.”

For his twelve-year commitment to trucking (so far), and his zest for life, National Training is proud to recognize Calvin D. Gilbert as the…

Graduate of the Month for November 2000.

This can be you in a matter of weeks.


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