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Meet Brandon M. NeSmith from Jacksonville, Florida.

National Truck Driver’s School Graduate of the Month for July 2008.

Brandon came to us through good fortune and coincidence.  You see Brandon was recently laid off from his last job installing marble and granite and hard surface counter tops for kitchens and bathrooms simply because they ran out of work.  Unfortunately, with the economy as it is right now, these things happen.

However, in Brandon’s case being laid off was just one event in a series of events that lead him to National Truck Driver’s School and on the road to SUCCESS.

Everyone knows the economy is on a downward trend right now and many people have lost or will lose their job…especially fields in manufacturing and production.  However, there has always been on industry that handles down economies very well…Trucking!

The trucking industry has always faired very well during tough times.  Simply because the goods still have to be delivered.  For instance, take a look at everything around you…most likely all of it had to be delivered by a truck driver.  The demand for truckers is still extremely high.

As I mentioned, Brandon found National Truck Drivers School through good fortune and coincidence.  You see Brandon always liked driving and he always noticed all of the semi trucks on the highway.  He also knew he would be good at backing the trailers since he also worked for a trailer shop installing wiring and hitches.

Brandon already had the interest and a small taste for the open road.  His next piece of fortune ended up being his girlfriend who happens to be the granddaughter of two of Rob and Carole Nelson.  Rob and Carole are long time family members of National Training’s admissions staff.

Well one thing led to another and we now have Brandon as our Graduate of the Month.

We asked Brandon what his experience was like during his time with us and he replied “I had a blast; I really enjoyed my time here, but probably would have been even better if I didn’t have a cold the whole time I was here.”

Sorry about your cold Brandon.  However, we are glad you had a great time.  We try hard to make the experience an enjoyable one.


Brandon also told us that he would never forget all of the instructors.  Well Brandon, our instructors will certainly not forget you now that you are in our history books as the Graduate of the Month.

We also want to mention during our history and the thousands, and we mean thousands of graduates that have passed through our doors the vast majority have freely admitted to us that the most challenging and hardest part of our training was “Backing”.  Backing has always been number 1 on the list of greatest achievements for our students.  If you want to see the world’s biggest smiles of satisfaction and achievement…just stand out at our backing pad for awhile and watch someone when they’ve been told they have passed.

Brandon, however, pulled a first.  He says backing was his favorite part of the training program and everything else made him nervous.  He tells us he knew he could do it.  Obviously he was right about himself.  We still can’t figure it out, but ok.

Whenever a student is selected for Graduate of the Month we always ask the instructors to comment on their selection.  Here is what our instructors had to say about Brandon:

“Brandon was a very quiet, but studious, student.  He picked up on all the skills very quickly.  Also Brandon was very ill during his resident training.  He missed a few days and still managed to graduate at the top of his class.  Brandon will make some company an excellent driver.


Harold Youngs”

Brandon, it appears our instructors where right about you as well.  You have shown great confidence and competence and you are well on your way to a successful career in the trucking industry.  We wish you well and we hope you will stop by some time and share your experience with us and maybe the students following in your shoes.

Good luck to you Brandon and congratulations on your success and your selection as Graduate of the Month.

National Training, Inc.

Thank you,
National Truck Drivers School

This can be you in a matter of weeks.


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