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According to Mr. & Mrs. Barry and Susan Mello.

Which of the following statements is correct about divorce?

A. For every marriage that occurs in this country there is about one divorce.
B. In 1990 there were 4.7 divorces for every one thousand people.
C. 1.2 million American marriages were dissolved by the courts in 1994
D. Forty percent of the women born in the 1970s will divorce.
E. All of the above are correct.

The answer to the above question is “E.” They are all correct.

The most common reasons for divorce are that the couple grow apart, that one or both spouses lose interest, that one or both spouses become involved in other things, and that one or both spouses were difficult to live with.

Why do people stay in a relationship? It might be said that the likelihood that an individual will stay in a relationship varies directly with the net positive attractions found in the relationship. Positive attractions such as common interests, activities, ideals, and goals; an enjoyment of companionship; an enjoyment of the family or kids; shared experiences and projects; or a trust or respect for the spouse pull an individual toward the marriage.

We would like you to meet a couple that have taken an active role in preserving and safeguarding their marriage. Please meet Mr. And Mrs. Mello. Barry Mello retired from the US Navy and Susan was an office worker. They desperately wanted a career that they could do together. Trucking provided the perfect solution. They now share the common interests of “trucking all over the USA and Canada.” When not on the road, they also share a love for running, bike riding, and car races. With so many couples doing their own thing, it’s refreshing to see a couple working, playing and enjoying being together.

We asked Susan and Barry why they chose National Truck Drivers School for their training. The astounded us with their answers. They explained calmly that “National was the only school they looked at.” We appreciate that. It’s obvious that our reputation is a good one.

Barry graduated in April of 95 and Susan followed in July. While Susan was attending our training, Barry was already hard at work with Swift Transportation. When Susan finished she joined the Swift team as well. “Swift let my husband train me,” Susan told us. Barry and Susan chose Swift for other reasons too. Great benefits, excellent pay, and modern equipment are just a few. Truck drivers are in such high demand that Swift hired both Barry and Susan before they even started Resident Training.

Our crack troop of instructors made sure that Susan and Barry met the challenges of learning to safely and competently operate the big rigs. Susan struggled with backing up, while Barry told us he didn’t have any problems. We wonder if we should have asked Susan if Barry had any difficulties with training.

Barry and Susan both told us that they thoroughly enjoy their driving careers and recommend it to anyone who enjoys being together. National Truck Drivers School salutes Barry and Susan Mello. They are an inspiration to couples, a positive asset to the trucking industry, and outstanding representatives of our school.

For all that and more we proudly proclain Barry and Susan Mello as …

Graduates of the Month for June 2001.

This can be you in a matter of weeks.


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