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David enrolled in our course in January 2007 and obviously, David took advantage of our two phase program. Enrollment into our program doesn’t mean you have to quit your current job to get started with the lessons. With our combination distance education phase and resident training phase, students can work on all of the “classroom” lessons…AT HOME. We like the do it at your own pace approach.

After completing the lessons our students can then attend resident training (hands-on) phase with assurance they will get plenty of time behind-the-wheel and not behind a desk.

Student Story in his own words:

“I had researched seven schools after deciding that I wanted to go into the truck driving industry and decided on National Training because of the excellent reputation of the school. National Training had the best training program because of their variety of equipment, training grounds and the very knowledgeable instructors.

They are also the only Nationally Accredited truck driving school that I could find. I am extremely glad I attended National Training and am confident that I am well prepared to enter into a career in truck driving.

Thank you to all the instructors for their hard work and patience – especially Chris and Skip for going well above and beyond what I expected to better prepare me for a job driving trucks. And Mike Adams for helping me in deciding on which company to work for and getting more information from multiple companies. Thank you NTI!”

Instructor Comments:

David was an excellent student both on the road and in the classroom. Any mistakes made were learned from and not repeated. His classroom demeanor was professional and his participation was always welcome. David will become one of the “White Knights of the Road”.

David performed well in every area. He is a well prepared person and a model student. This industry will welcome him with open arms. Mike Adams – (Lead Instructor).

To be selected from a class of 30+ students as the class graduate is an honor David can be proud to achieve. Keep in mind these instructors have seen it all and judging from their comments David managed to make one heck of an impression.

Congratulations David, you’ve earned the right to this honor.

National Training, Inc.

This can be you in a matter of weeks.


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