Stevens Transport truck

National Training

Attn: Harold
188 College Dr.
Orange Park, FL 32067

Dear Harold:
First of all, I would like to take a moment and thank National Training and your staff for the outstanding, highly informed, and top-notched trained students that you have provided Stevens Transport, Inc. in the past. These days, it seems too many schools have “forgotten” the teaching and training aspect and try to provide students that have not been adequately prepared for this industry. We have found through our research efforts, collectively based on the data we have from your facility, that your students are well prepared AND understand the importance of retention. Having a relationship with training facilities that are “in-tune” to current issues facing our industry and are striving to improve upon their performance is the foundation for strong, true partnerships.

Secondly, this letter will serve as promulgation to you and your staff of our sincere desire to have you join us in a strong, business partnership to put more “Professional Drivers” to work. As mentioned above, because of the results you have consistently shown with past graduates, we are placing your school in an elite status with Stevens Transport, Inc. – that of Core School Designation.

Stevens Transport, Inc. is currently one of the largest TCU carriers in the nation operating from our headquarters in Dallas, TX One aspect of our success stems from our commitment to safety and training for our professional drivers, We are renowned within the industry for our extremely low turnover and superlative training program. Both show our desire to work closely with entry level drivers and selected entry level training institutions. The selected Core truck driving schools mirror our beliefs and are reciprocal in the desire to ensure the highest quality of training – all to keep our nations highways safe!

We look forward to a long and successful relationship between our companies and ask that if you need any assistance or information in regards to training or the industry, that you know you have a true partner with Stevens Transport, Inc.

For any new students considering your school or for those that have started I would simply tell them they have made the BEST choice in training facilities and the best choice in long-tem, stable career paths! Congratulations and Be Safe!



Angela Horowitz
Director of Recruiting

Stevens Transport, Inc.