Rosendo Alcazar - Truck Driving School GraduateNTI wants to take this opportunity to introduce you to Rosendo A.  Rosendo Truck Driving School Featured Graduate has shared with us about his family. His wife Zenia was his strongest supporter in his quest to become a professional truck driver. He attributes his success here at NTI to her as she was the one to encourage him to go to Truck Driving School and obtain his CDL from NTI. Rosendo and Zenia have three wonderful children; Anthony who is 7 yrs old, Ariana who is three and Alicia who is one. Rosendo said he does everything for his family because he wants the best for them and their futures.

Before attending truck driving school by NTI, Rosendo,Truck Driving School Featured Graduate worked as an armed security guard. He said that he could barely make a living. He and his family had to compromise on their wants and needs and learn to differentiate between the two. He decided on trucking as his new career because of the demand for truckers these days and saw it as an opportunity to afford his family financial stability and a brighter future.

Rosendo says of his experiences here at NTI that they were great! He made good friends and says they instructors are very knowledgeable and helpful. “It was not boring at all”! His most memorable moment came when he drove an 18 wheeler solo for the first time. He said; “I had always pictured myself doing it, but never thought I really would. Thank you National!”

With reference to job leads while he attended Resident Training, he said; “I did receive a lot of leads. I was able to choose the right one for me. I had a job one week after classes started!” Yes, that’s right! Many of our students, while still training and BEFORE receiving their CDLs, have several offers for employment. Many times the dilemma comes when trying to choose the best fit for them and their families.

In closing, Rosendo leaves this word of encouragement for those still contemplating a career in the trucking industry: “I would recommend National Training to anyone who wants a better career, great training and have fun in the process. The staff is very helpful, caring and they really want you to succeed on your own. They don’t ‘give” anything away. You have to work/study for it. You are never just a number to them; they really want you to do well because you will be out there on the road with many other drivers”.

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