Roland Fitzgerald –

Roland Fitzgerald - 2015 Featured GraduateRoland Fitzgerald graduated on November 13, 2015. Congratulations Roland! He was a very eager student and soaked up the knowledge like a sponge here at National Training Truck School. He comes from a family that is immersed in the transportation industry. His mother works for the Department of Transportation and his step-father is Professional Commercial Truck Driver as well as several other family members that drive for a living.

He chose National Training Truck School because it was close to home and he believed that he would receive the best training available! He said; “The instructors were great and I learned lots of good stuff!” He said of his most memorable moments at the school; “I met some good people and most of all, driving the big rig on the track, I was able to hone my skills before getting out on public roads.”

Roland received many job offers while in school and he someday hopes to be an owner operator and train others to success in this industry.

National Training Truck School wishes you all the best Roland and we’re sure you’ll be successful in this industry because of your positive attitude and desire to succeed!