There tends to be a large communication gap when transitioning from the military to civilian job sector. Instead of the straightforward and explicit military orders you’ve been accustomed to while serving, you’re now faced with indistinct, subtle communication which isn’t as easily interpreted when writing a resume. Translating your previous military skills, experience and MOS/MOS history effectively takes additional effort to ensure you are creating a powerful, well-built military-to-civilian resume that will grab the attention of recruiters and hiring managers. We’ve put together a resource list to help you get started with helpful tips, articles and examples.

Articles and Tips

  1. 5 Ways To Create An Effective Military-To-Civilian Resume (U.S. Veterans Magazine)
  2. How To Write a Military-to-Civilian Resume: Highlighting Your Military Experience (indeed)
  3. How to Write a Civilian Resume (Military One Source)
  4. Military-to-Civilian Resume: How to Translate Your Service Experience (Jobscan)
  5. Translating Military Terms (Career One Stop)

Resume Examples and Templates

  1. Military-to-Civilian Resume Examples (Resume Builder)
  2. Military to Civilian Resume Example (Resume Genius)
  3. Military to Civilian Resume Examples & Template for Veterans (Zety)
  4. Military to Civilian Resume Example for Veterans (Novo Resume)

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