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All students must watch the CDL Now Orientation prior to coming to class Monday morning at 6:45am.

Call us at (904) 272-4000 or (800) 488-7364 with any questions..


Congratulations on your upcoming CDL Now training class with National Training, Inc. We look forward to working with you as you build your professional tractor-trailer driver skills and knowledge, helping you achieve your career goals. Please be sure you have read our CDL Now Course Catalog prior to orientation and the beginning of your class start date. It contains important information for you to reference throughout your training course at NTI. 


Orientation Overview

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  1. Overview of the Training Facility
  2. Right Signature Paperwork
  3. Class Start Date and Time
  4. DOT Physical Date and Time
  5. Class Schedule
  6. What you need to Bring
  7. What you need for Training
  8. How much you need to bring for your Drug Test and DOT Physical.
  9. Permit (How, When, and How Much)
  10. Domicile for Out-of-State Students
  11. Financing
  12. Life Skills / Professionalism
  13. Directions
  14. Transportation
  15. Meet the Staff
  16. Motels (Green Cove Springs Inn & Stays Inn Suites)
  17. Job Placement Assistance

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Note: Orientation lasts about an hour.


Read NTI's CDL Now Course Catalog prior to orientation

A Message From the Director

Larry S. Lark NTI Director

Let us first start by stating that our programs are both challenging and rewarding to complete. All our programs have been specifically designed with you and the public’s safety in mind. Our programs emphasize hands-on learning as the primary vehicle to build your skills as a Professional Tractor-Trailer Driver. Make no mistake that proficiency,
competence, and proper driver safety can only be attained with generous preparation time. Our very effective training system provides our students with efficient training hours while limiting the actual physical attendance at the school to only 4 weeks, 180hours.

The 58 classroom hours are spread out over the 4-week course, so the learning experience stays fresh and interesting. You will be driving actual tractor-trailers in a matter of a few days. The classroom hours are very efficiently determined by need. Remember, your time here is limited and important; “behind-the-wheel” training time should not be taken up studying a lot of “filler” classroom subjects. The CDL Now program is ideally designed for the busy, on-the-go student of the new millennium.

We are in constant contact with trucking industry personnel who advise and help us maximize the training content and quality thus providing our graduates an opportunity for success. Our students enjoy attending our modern 350-acre countryside training facility. Since 1978, our main business has been training Professional Tractor-Trailer Drivers. Over the years National Training, Inc. has trained more than 38,000 graduates and has developed into one of the top Truck Driver Training programs available in the United States today.

This program is licensed by the State of Florida, the Commission for Independent Education. In addition, National Training is approved by other appropriate agencies to offer Professional Tractor-Trailer Training in other states. National Training is an eligible training provider for the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). National Training, Inc. is authorized to train eligible Vocational Rehabilitation Participants. The CDL Now program is approved for the training of veterans.

What all this means to you is: VALUE AND EMPLOYER RECOGNITION. We offer up to date, no-nonsense programs with a very competitive tuition that is rarely met by any other institution. Your hard-earned dollars deserve the highest quality and quantity of professional training preparation that is possible. Compare our training fleet and unsparing training hours with our budget conscious tuition prices. I’m sure you will see the value in the training we offer you. So, welcome to National Training, future graduate. We look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your career goals.

Larry S. Lark