CDL Now Orientation

All Students must watch Orientation prior to coming to class Monday  morning at 6:45am.

Orientation Overview

COVID 19 Update

  1. Overview of the Training Facility
  2. Right Signature Paperwork
  3. Class Start Date and Time
  4. DOT Physical Date and Time
  5. Class Schedule
  6. What you need to Bring
  7. What you need for Training
  8. How much you need to bring for your Drug Test and DOT Physical.
  9. Permit (How, When, and How Much)
  10. Domicile for Out-of-State Students
  11. Financing
  12. Life Skills / Professionalism
  13. Directions
  14. Transportation
  15. Meet the Staff
  16. Motels (Green Cove Springs Inn & Stays Inn Suites)
  17. Job Placement Assistance

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Note: Orientation lasts about an hour.

Qualify for Employment by filling out the Q-Form Request Information Make a Payment Toll Free 1 800 488 7364