Max Wagers - Truck Driving School GraduateMax grew up in Orange Park, Florida. He has been married to his lovely wife Kerry since February 1997. Before deciding to be a Commercial Truck Driver; Max was in the food and beverage industry for 27 years. He was referred by a friend who also attended National Training and upon witnessing his success in the industry as well as the careers of his two cousins, two uncles and an aunt who was also a Commercial Truck Driver, he researched the school and connected with Victor his admissions representative and signed up.

When asked about his experience at National Training, he said; “There were definitely some ups and downs, but mostly ups. I actually had to work while I was attending school and was tired every day, BUT, I pushed my way through, never showed up late and didn’t stay home for any reason. The results were worth it!”

Of his most memorable moments while at school, Max said; “…when I was doing the actual testing. My legs were shaking so bad I could barely push the clutch in. My instructor calmed me down and we got through it. My favorite part of training was shifting around the track. Once you get the hang of shifting, everything else seemed more possible!”

Max said; “I applied to 12 companies and was offered 9 positions. It was definitely hard to choose. Money was not the only driving force in my decision. I considered the route; type of truck and the recruiter also played a major role.”

In closing, Max offers this advice for those looking to get into the industry; “Stick with it! Take a deep breath and talk yourself into it instead of out of it. Stay positive, stay focused and everything else will fall into place! KEEP ON TRUCKING!”