Joe Messina, NTEMS GraduateJoe Messina lives in Northford, CT. Joe said he chose National Trainings’ Earthmover school because we offer six different types of equipment, way more than other schools and because our heavy equipment school is an accredited institution. He also chose heavy equipment operation as his career because his father, a three time cancer survivor, is a union operator in CT as well. Joe has two older sisters with two children each and a younger sister with a newborn baby girl. Before Joe came to National Training, he worked in a pizza restaurant in New Haven, CT and held a second job as a car detailer for a dealership in Milford, CT. Joe is on the right track for his future career and has done his homework researching his options and choices for training and job skills he needed to pursue his career as a heavy equipment operator.

Of his experience during his time at the training grounds here at National Training, he said; “I had a fun time while here. I met new people that I will never forget. The experience was fun but very educational. My most memorable moment was being trained to operate the machines I never thought I could. My favorite part of training was operating the John Deere 160 excavator. My plan for the future is to join the Union of Operating Engineers back home in Connecticut. Thank you National Training!”

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