Interview with Featured Truck Driving School Graduate Grady Parris

Grady Parris, NTDS GraduateNational Training would like to share an interview with one of truck driving school graduates Grady P.

NTI:  Tell us about your family.
Grady:  I grew up in a small town in N.C. called South Hominy Valley. As a child my family lived 10 miles off a paved road in the heart of the Appalachian and Smokey Mountains. My sister, brother and I, along with my cousins of like age were the first to graduate high school. My father and several uncles made a living driving a truck and supplemented their incomes raising cattle and growing tobacco. My summer vacations were spent on the road with my father and fellow trucker friends. After graduation from high school, I got married to my lovely bride of 22 years. We lived abroad and over-seas as I had joined the United States Army. We lived over 12 ½ years in Germany. I watched my kids grow up in pictures, while being deployed to lands that seemingly God forgot about. I will retire from the Army after 22 years of service in May of 2012. I look forward to closing the Army chapter of my life and starting new.

NTI:  Why did you decide to become a Professional Truck Driver?
Grady:  I made the decision to become a Professional Truck Driver after serving my country and defending Life, Liberty, Democracy and the American way of life after serving for 22 years in the United States Army. I can think of no better way to provide a stable income and establish the best benefits to provide for my family’s needs than to drive a tractor trailer. This is also the best way for me to see the America I dearly love and defended for so many years. I know with absolute certainty that the training I was given from National Training allows me to maintain my “Warrior Ethics” and be a truly valuable asset to my next employer.

NTI:  Why did you choose National Training Truck Driving School?
Grady:  I chose National Training based on the overall reputation of the school, the length of training and their attention to details, Also the fact that the DANTES military education program recognizes National Training as an accredited learning institution.

NTI:  What was your experience like during your time at National Training Truck Driving School?
Grady:  I found that the Instructors were subject matter experts and not only taught lessons but took time to elaborate and go into more specific details if need be. The wealth of knowledge and the “go-to” attitudes instilled a “No driver left behind” fellowship amongst the class. My recruiter, Rob Nelson, was very knowledgeable and was able to answer all my questions regarding tuition assistance associated with the “Top-Up” military program.

 NTI:  Do you have any memorable moments while at the school?
Grady:  On day one of Resident Training, we were in the trucks shifting and down-shifting on the 1 ¼ mile track. With regard to night driving, WHAT A DIFFERENT BALLGAME!

NTI:  Did you receive any job leads while you were attending training?
Grady:  I received over 22 pre-hires during training!

NTI:  What are your plans for the future?
Grady:  Be the best I can be. There is strong, Army Strong, then there is me – Army retired! I will focus on what is most important to me, my family, God and country! I will maintain my “Warrior Ethics” and pass on my knowledge to up and comers in the trucking industry. I have no complaints whatsoever. National has great trainers and facilities. Everyone’s attitudes were terrific. GOOD JOB NATIONAL TRAINING AND THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!