Graduate & Public Communications Specialist


Job Description

National Training, Inc. is looking for a full-time candidate to provide administrative support and assistance in various areas of the Admissions, Training, and 3rd Party Testing departments to increase productivity. 

Major Duties and Responsibilities

Duties & responsibilities are subject to change by the Director of the school.

  • Ability to dial 75 telephone calls in an 8 hour shift
  • CDL testing coordination and appointment setting by phone, email, and on-site. Information will be entered into various student management databases including Podio, Theos, and CATS)
  • Provide administrative support to help build 3rd Party Testing and Placement programs
  • Contact graduates of National Training by phone, email or on-site to obtain placement information, updating various student management databases. Annual updates are made in the State’s database.
  • As requested, provide exit placement presentations to the students at the training facility
  • Contact truck driving and heavy equipment employers and schedule their participation in the school’s webinars and presentations to the students
  • Light housekeeping & janitorial duties are required to include the classrooms, restrooms, kitchen and office areas
  • Any job requests or duties requested or assigned by the Supervisor or Director of the school
Minor Duties and Responsibilities

Any administrative assistance which can be provided to maintain a steady workflow and coordinated effort to meed our students’ needs. General administrative tasks include but are not limited to: 

  • Handling emails
  • Filing
  • Making copies & scanning documents
  • Receiving packages
  • Opening mail
  • Greeting guests and customers
Job Qualifications


  • High school diploma plus work experience
  • College graduate preferred with experience or background in any of the following disciplines: Counseling, Education/Training, Public Speaking and/or business experience background


  • Strong communication skills to include: active listening, speaking, reading comprehension, social perceptiveness, writing, oral and written expression, oral and written comprehension, and problem sensitivity
  • Customer and personal service
  • Energetic and engaging phone presence
  • Strong computer and electronic skills
  • Ability to dial 75 telephone calls in an 8 hour shift
  • Ability to follow directions, able to disseminate directions to others and log outcomes
  • Telephone and computer skills must be above average competency

Key Competencies

  • Strong personal communication skills
  • Energetic and engaging phone presence
  • Ability to dial 75 calls in an 8 hour shift
  • Able to follow and provide directions and log outcomes
  • Strong computer and electronic skills
  • Customer and personal service

Physical Requirements

  • Sitting for extended periods of time while making phone calls or entering data into the computer
  • Standing for 45 minutes – 1 hour for presentations
  • Lifting or moving student seating for housekeeping purposes


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