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This month we want to congratulate Mr. Shawn Banyea from Highgate Center Vermont for being nominated for Graduate of the Month for October 2008.

Shawn has been married to his wife Paula for 24 years and together they have 3 sons, Michael (23), Nathan (22), and Seth (18).  Being together for 24 years shows that Shawn and Paula both have a strong dedication and support for each other.  Congratulations to both of you.

As evidence of this support and dedication Shawn tells us Paula was very supportive with the whole process of his training.  Even though Shawn had to travel a lot with work and also complete his training Paula remained by his side.

The job that keeps Shawn traveling is the Vermont Army National where he works full time and the maintenance manager for the state.  He manages 7 full-time support shops and he is also a Chief Warrant Officer in the Joint Forces Headquarters on the weekend position.

All we can say Shawn is Wow…you are a busy man.  All of that and you’ve completed National Training with top honors.  We believe all of this shows that a person with drive and determination can accomplish a lot to achieve their dreams.

Amongst Shawn’s other skills and talents he’s picked up he also worked on Heavy Equipment for years and even drove some to test after repairs however he never learned how to properly operate the equipment.  Shawn wants start his own small business in construction with his family.

We asked Shawn why he chose National Training and he told us he did his research and looked at a lot of different school.  However, Nationals flexible course format fit his busy schedule.  National has spent quite a bit of time tweaking and perfecting our course format to best fit our student’s needs.  We’ve designed our course to allow our student’s the freedom of starting the program and still maintain their current job and allow time to prepare for the hands on (Resident Training) phase.  Not only does this format of study at home online provide our students with instantaneous results and learning it also allows our students to spend the vast majority of their time at Resident Training behind the controls where the real learning takes place since most of the classroom work has already been completed during the home study phase.

What was Shawn’s experience like at Resident Training?  Well in Shawn’s own words – “It was a great experience.   The group that I was a part of really worked as a team.  We all looked out for each other and learned together.  The instructors were great and made you feel at ease.  They would let you make mistakes and show you how to correct them.  I think that is a good way to learn.”

Shawn also went on to say that the whole experience was a memorable moment and he enjoyed meeting others from different parts of the country.  His favorite part of the training was operating the equipment, no matter what it was.

Shawn’s future plans are to go back to work for the Vermont Army National Guard and hopefully be able to start his small business with his boys part-time until he retires from the Army National Guard.

Shawn offered this advice to future students – “Four weeks goes by fast so pay attention and learn all you can.”

Shawn we want to again congratulate you on your success in life so far with a happy and long marriage and 3 great boys.  You can’t really ask for more than that but you are definitely an inspiration to everyone both past, present and future.

Thank you for choosing National to help you with your future endeavors.

National Training, Inc.

This can be you in a matter of weeks.
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