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Welcome Ryan Anderson.

Ryan joins us from Ormond Beach, Florida.  He’s 18 years, and has a very diverse career background for his young age.  Prior to attending National Heavy Equipment School, Ryan worked in a 4 star hotel at the front desk, security and various other jobs.

Like other graduates of National Training, Ryan decided working inside wasn’t for him so he wanted a career that paid well and kept him from being locked-up inside all day.  Well, you couldn’t have chosen a better career that being a heavy equipment operator.  You get to be outside, but still nice and comfortable inside the machines.

Early on our instructors noticed something different about Ryan.  He carries himself well and has a sense of responsibility.  Ryan impressed his instructors and classmates so much that they selected him to be the group’s foreman.

This is what Ryan’s Instructor had to say:
“Ryan (Neo) Anderson was selected by his fellow students in his group to be the foreman.  Ryan exceeded even my expectations as a foreman (group leader).  He was always calm and collected when handing out the assignments and tasks.

He eagerly accepted instructions as well as critiques and constantly wanted more information about the equipment.  It showed Ryan’s ability to quickly learn the controls and performed to a high standard throughout the class.

This young man will be an excellent operator and a huge asset to any company he works for.
I myself would love to have a whole class like Ryan, a fine young man, eager, patient, understanding and wanting to learn more, more, and more.”

WOW! Ryan, you made one serious impression.

It’s good to see young people who have such a good work ethic.  Apparently we have his parents to thank, especially his mother who Ryan says stayed on him to complete his home study assignments.

This is a Thank You to Ryan’s Mom from National.

Ryan says his experience with National Training was really good and credits the way National maintains small class sizes which allow our students to spend more time on the equipment and more one on one time with the instructors for this.

For each class we like to see what the students thought of our program and what kind of memories they come away with so we know how we are doing.  Ryan’s class was no different.  It seems every student always remembers the first and last day of training…and a few in between.  Ryan, like most, remember the first day of training and he remembered how all of his fellow students struggled with the heavy equipment, the bulldozer, excavator, skid-steers, mini-excavators, articulated loaders, front-end loader/backhoes, etc. all seem to be running amuck.
We personally love the first day because we know what’s coming next.  We get to watch our student go from apprehensive, nervous, beginners with quizzical looks to confident, eager, professionals with empowered looks by the end.

One discussion that always seems to happen with every class it “What is your favorite piece of equipment?”  Everyone has their own personal favorite and Ryan is no different.  His particular piece is the excavator (as pictured).  The excavator is a huge machine with lots of power and actually seems to be the top pick; it’s just exciting to operate.  All of this massive power at, literally, your finger tips.  It’s the ultimate toy.  Although the big bulldozers and Front-end loaders are equally as exciting and power and they still have their fans as well.  A lot of our students like the Bobcat brand Mini equipment. Although mini is kind of an improper term for these smaller machines.  The Bobcat equipment we train our students on, the Skid-Steer loader and the “mini” excavator, are extremely powerful and versatile machines that are becoming more and more popular among businesses, farmer, landscaper, and anyone that wants to start their own business.

We have it all and they all bring their own level of excitement. Regardless, each student has their own personal choice.

Ryan’s plans for the future – According to Ryan all he wants to do is find a decent job, save some money and start his own family.  This is one thing we appreciate about Ryan…he is a very humble guy.  With an attitude such as his he will go far in this business and maybe even own his own company some day.

Ryan, congratulations on a job well done and thank you for choosing National Training Heavy Equipment Operators School.

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