Rene Martinez

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Meet Rene Martinez from Pahokee, Florida

In November of 2007 many of us at National Training had the pleasure to meet Rene. Rene Martinez was one of those students when you meet them you know is something special. The word we got from our instructors were nothing but positive and the mention of his name made them smile a bit which is hard to get them to do sometimes.

Rene Martinez story is an inspiring story of a young man that had a goal and a dream and succeeded. Rene succeeded because he remained enthusiasitic about his goals and knew he could achieve them if he kept his focus.

Rene’s story in his own words…enjoy.

Hello my name is Rene Martinez. I was born in Mexico and came to the U.S.A. when I was 9 yrs. Old. First of all what got me into heavy equipment was in 2006 when I was working for USDA planting cane for experiments and they were using a huge tractor to pull the cane. While working in the hot sun I was given a hat to help keep me cool. I took a look at the tractor operator sitting there in the air-conditioning. A few minutes later I came to the conclusion that I could operate that machine.

A few more days went by and I saw more and more pieces of heavy equipment and I said to myself again “I have to do that and do it good”. So here I am because I knew I could it, but not without the instructors showing me what I didn’t know.

So I would like to give the instructors of National Heavy Equipment Operator School a special thank you and to all of my classmates…good luck.

What Rene’s Instructors thought.

“Rene was very enthusiastic both in the class and in the field. He showed strong willingness to absorb all the information he was given and put it to use. Any critique was met with a change of operation exactly like he was instructed too.

I am personally very proud of Rene for exceeding even my standards and expectations. Rene is an exceptional student/operator and person.

Congratulations and good luck with your career—you’re already a success.”

Rene we believe it is fitting that you deserve the honor of being the Class of November 2007 Graduate of the Class.

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