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Introducing National Heavy Equipment Operator School’s Graduate of the Month for October 2009

Krystopher Volp

Krystopher is a proud member of the U.S. Marine Corp and the proud father to a beautiful 8 year old girl named Autumn.  Thank you for your service Krystopher.

Although Krystopher is a heavy equipment operator in the Marine Corps and he also worked for two years as an operator prior to joining the Marines he came to National Heavy Equipment Operator School to enhance his skills.

Krystopher found out about our program through his education center and since the Marines recognize National Training’s program Krystopher thought this was the way to go.

While attending training Krystopher says he learned quite a bit despite his years of experience already especially in areas he was lacking such as the surveying equipment training we provide our students.  His favorite pieces of equipment are the dozers and excavators.

His future plans are to retire in about 9 years and open his own clearing business.  We have a feeling he’ll do just that.

Our Lead Instructor feels the same way.  Here’s his comments about Krystopher.

Krystopher stated that he has been operating equipment for 8 years, 6 years in the Marines.  He says he likes the job he’s doing in the Marines.  He came to see if he could enhance his skills even more through our training program.  When he started running the equipment he proved he was already a good operator.  So good in fact many of the other students looked up to Krystopher and Krystopher says that has helped him in the class.

I know where ever he goes to work they will be glad to have him.

Sam Hogg
Lead Heavy Equipment Instructor
National Training, Inc.

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