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Kenneth Soilea: hails from Ville Platte, Louisiana and is married to a lovely lady named Babette.  Kenneth and Babette have spent 27 wonderful years together.

Prior to becoming a professional heavy equipment operator Kenneth spent 12 years driving semi truck pulling tankers over the road.  In 2003 Kenneth decided to hang up his life on the open road and sold his truck.  He soon settled down and worked as the parts and service manager for an RV company, but the economy being the way it is Kenneth knew he had to make another change in his life and went with a field that is a natural fit for him…heavy equipment.

Kenneth Soileau tells us after much research he decided National Training Heavy Equipment School was the most economical way to go because of our program format.  Our program is set up as a two phase program, 1st is the home study phase and 2nd is the Resident Training, or hands on phase.

The 1st phase is the book work or classroom portion of the program and it’s all done online BEFORE you attend Resident Training.  Once Kenneth completed the home study phase he could now choose a Resident Training class that was most convenient for him to attend.  Our schedule runs throughout the year.

The reason National Training has this type of format is because it’s the system that is most beneficial to the student.  Every school has classroom/bookwork time that needs to be completed.  This is the same with schools of our type however other schools cram the classroom time in with the time you should be on the equipment where the real learning takes place.

Our format allows our students, just like Kenneth, to complete the “classroom” or online lessons on their own time, at their own pace in the best learning environment possible, their house, and still keep their current job and attend school at the same time.

Now that the bookwork is complete our students can now attend the hands on training and spent the vast majority of their time ON THE MACHINES…not sitting behind a desk.  You can’t learn to operator heavy construction machinery sitting in a classroom.

Kenneth also told us the other reason he chose National Heavy Equipment School is, well I’ll let Kenneth tell you in his own words. “I also found negative feedback on other schools but only found positive feedback on National”.  Enough said.

Kenneth Soileau also had kind words to say about his experience with us during his time at our training campus. “I enjoyed every day of training.  The equipment was up to date and the instructors were very knowledgeable.  They took the time to explain what I was doing wrong and to show me the correct way. My favorite part was the bulldozer”.

We want to thank Kenneth for the kind words he’s said about us.

Kenneth’s plans now are pretty specific for his future in the construction machinery industry.  Kenneth is working to secure employment that will give him the experience to eventually land him a career with the oil and gas pipeline industry.

With what Kenneth demonstrated to us we really believe he will succeed.

Kenneth we want to thank you for the kind words you spoke about us and we are very pleased you enjoyed your time with us.  Please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing.  You are invited back here anytime you wish.

National Training Heavy Equipment Operator School

This can be you in a matter of weeks.
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