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Meet National Training Heavy Equipment Operator School’s Graduate of the Month for November 2010 Mr. Jim Hill of Ocala, Florida.

Jim Hill graduated in June of this year and we wanted to make sure he received his just dues by making sure he made the Graduate of the Month page.

Jim Hill is “partially retired”, as he puts it and lives at home with his son, his daughter in-law and his grandchildren.  Jim tells us there is plenty of laughter in his home with his grandchildren around and he thoroughly enjoys the time he gets to spend with them.

An interesting fact about Jim is this isn’t his first time around with us.  .  Jim graduated from our Class A CDL truck driver training program in February 1998 and he was an over the road truck driver and even an owner/operator for a period of time.

Jim says deliveries declined when the recession hit however he continued to drive as a company driver and it was during this time that Jim decided to take our heavy equipment training program to enhance his career and as Jim puts it “Glad I did just that”.

Jim realized that adding a second skill to his trucking career was and is a very sound move and he’s sure it will allow him to continue to work.  Having the ability to drive semi-tractor trailers hauling heavy loads and combining that with the skills to operator multiple pieces of heavy construction equipment means Jim is now a very valuable employee.  Not only can Jim now transport the equipment he can also load and unload the equipment at a job site and then operate the equipment.

What used to take two to three employees to do now only takes one employee…Jim.  What this means to Jim is Job Security and the ability to command a higher wage while still saving his employer money.

We asked Jim why he chose National Training for all of his training needs and he tells that he did research other schools in Florida, Washington State and even a couple in the Carolinas and he found that National had exactly what he was looking for and Jim tells us “I will never regret my decision”.

It seems Jim made quite an impression on our instructors at our training facility and we’ve added our lead instructor’s comments below.

“Like all students Jim started off cautiously however, after just a day, Jim started to work the controls as if the machines were made for him.  One thing about Jim is he’s always smiling and happy.  You could tell he enjoyed being here.  Jim also wanted to try everything and listened to us very well.  Jim knew how to maximize his time with us and he can operate the equipment with the best of them.”

Sam Hogg
Lead Heavy Equipment Instructor
National Training, Inc.

Jim we want to thank you for choosing us…again in helping you with your career goals and we wish you the best in your future endeavors.  Please keep in touch with us and stop by and visit anytime.  We love to see our graduates.

Thank you,

National Training, Inc.

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