Janno Mumm

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Meet Janno Mumm from Apopka, Florida

Some people work their whole lives in a career and never really figure out what they really want to be…when they grow up.  Others manage to learn to love their careers after years of hard work…it grows on them so to speak.  And then the third group, the lucky group, know right off the bat what they want to be.  We had the pleasure of meeting one of these fortunate fellows in our November 2007 Heavy Equipment Operator class.  Of course we are talking about Janno Mumm.

It is exciting to us whenever we meet all of our students and see the enthusiasm they have and the willingness to accept the knowledge we have to impart upon them during their short time with us.  As any person in the education field will say nothing is more fulfilling to a teacher than to see the results of their hard work come to bear.  Janno was such a student and we want to honor him with this small token of our appreciation for his willingness to learn what we have to offer. Janno in his own words.

“Growing up on a farm in Estonia I always was fascinated by equipment.  I realize the potential financial rewards and the reward and self satisfaction of doing something I enjoy.”

What Janno enjoyed the most about his training.

“Exceeding my own expectations as far as my equipment operation.”

Here’s what our Instructors had to say.

“Janno Mumm has displayed exceptional habits as both a student and operator.  His quiet demeanor hides a fierce desire to be the best at whatever he does.  Janno has asked questions pertinent to the tasks and training and applied his knowledge as such.  I believe his military training has helped him to stay focused and confident throughout the training process.  I have no doubt Janno will be an excellent addition to any company he works for.”

In closing…
Janno Mumm…thank you for giving us the opportunity to pass on our knowledge and skills to such a worthy person.  We know you will do well. Oh…and Janno’s Overall GPA = a very impressive 98.9.

National Training, Inc.

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