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Meet Eric Nelson from Palm Bay, Florida.

Eric is National Heavy Equipment Operator School’s Graduate of the Month for November 2009.

Eric is married to his lovely wife Vicki of 25 years and they have 2 girls, Breanna, 16 and Kallis, 10.

Prior to attending National Training, Eric worked as an Engineering Technician and an OTR (Over-the-Road) truck driver for Harris Corporation in Palm Bay.

When we asked Eric why he chose to become a Professional Heavy Equipment Operator he told us he has always has an interest in the “Big Tonka Trucks” and now after coming to National “I know I made the right choice – I really can’t believe you get paid to have that much fun.”

We agree, there’s nothing like getting up every day to go to work…and having fun doing it?

Eric chose National because we are close to where he lives and also because our programs are very affordable.

Eric told us his experience during his training was a blast learning the equipment and operating it.  He also told us the instructors were knowledgeable and patient. Eric, thank you for the compliment and we want you to know that these words mean a lot to, not only the instructors, but everyone here at National Training.

Oh…Eric’s favorite part of training, of course, was operating the equipment.  There’s nothing like the feeling you get when, with the tip of your finger, you can move a lever and all of a sudden this huge piece of equipment comes to life and starts to move massive amounts of material…and you’re in control.

Eric’s plans for the future are to gain valuable experience and knowledge in the industry and learn what it takes to start his own company one day.  We have a pretty good feeling he’ll do just that.

Eric, here’s the impression you made with our instructors and let us tell you impressing them is not easy…sometimes.

From Sam Hogg, Lead Heavy Equipment Instructor.

“Eric stated that he always wanted to run heavy equipment.  When he started running the dozer he was like a kid with a new toy.  As with many students the equipment seems a little difficult to operate since the controls are so sensitive and the machines are so nimble for their size and Eric was no exception to this fact.  However, once Eric was taught the proper techniques to operate the machines he was making cuts like a seasoned operator.  He was extremely happy he got it and with time he will get a lot better.  I liked working with Eric because he wanted to learn everything he could about operating the heavy equipment.  He was like a sponge and, I’m not certain, but I think he liked the bull dozer most of all.

Eric it truly was a pleasure working with you.” 

Thank you,

Sam Hogg.

Eric, thank you for choosing National Training and allowing us to become a part of your future.  Thank you for the compliments you’ve extended to us and we wish you all the luck in the world…although we don’t think you’ll need it.

National Training Heavy Equipment Operator School.

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