Eric Baltazar

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Meet Eric Baltazar (Right) from Pahokee, Florida

Pahokee, Florida

Eric Baltazar was selected to be a National Training’s Featured Graduate.

Eric Baltazar, through a partnership program between National Training, Inc. and Palm Beach Community College (PBCC), enrolled in our training program to become a professional heavy equipment operator.

Before making his life enhancing decision to attend National Training, Eric operated a tractor doing various jobs. Wanting to increase his skills, employablity and his pay check Eric started to research his best options. Through various sources Eric had gotten word that National Training, Inc. was the best. We think his sources are pretty smart

During Eric’s time with National Training he studied various pieces of equipment such as the bulldozer, large excavator, Bobcat mini-excavator, Articulated wheel loader, Front-end loader/bachhoe, Bobcat mini skid-steer loader and various other types of construction equipment. He learned how they worked and how they operated. Once he became familiar with each piece he learned how to fine tune his techniques in order to exploit each machines capabilities and complete each job professionally. Needless to say, Eric made quite and impression on the staff.

After Eric graduated, he went to work for Barnard Construction, a large company working on the restoration project. We hear he is doing quite well and now operates a Case 480 Quad Trac like the one pictured above.

We would like to thank Eric, and his sources, for chosing National Training and we wish him well in this industry.

National Training, Inc.

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