Doug Combs

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Meet Doug Combs from Hayden, Indiana

Doug was selected to be our Graduate of the Month because of his outstanding dedication to the training he displayed. In fact, Doug’s overall GPA for the whole program is an incredible 99.4%.

Many people choose to become Heavy Equipment Operators for various reasons.  Some like it because it is outdoors, other choose this field because they want to start their own business and some, like Mr. Doug Combs, choose to become heavy equipment operators for the satisfaction of accomplishing the various tasks the come with being a professional heavy equipment operator.  Whatever the reasons may be one thing is for sure…once you become an operator your job will never be boring or mundane.  Each job is different and challenging…and construction is everywhere.

Doug Combs in his own words.

“I chose to be a heavy equipment operator for the variety of job tasks and the satisfaction of accomplishing those jobs.”

What Doug enjoyed the most about his training.

“I enjoyed the instructors and fellow students the most.  It was a team effort from them both.”

Here’s what our Lead Instructor, Sam Hogg, had to say.

“Doug was an exemplary student.  He showed confidence in his self and his work.  He showed a very strong will to learn and used this will to get him through all of the equipment with no problems.  He had a clear understanding of safety and instructions given.  He was a very quite person, but the machines spoke loudly without Doug having to say a word.”

In closing…
Wow…given the impression left on our instructors we don’t think we can any more to compliment Mr. Combs.
Congratulations Mr. Combs.  We wish you success in your endeavors.
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This can be you in a matter of weeks.
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