David Kalisz

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Meet David Kalisz

National Heavy Equipment Operator School’s Graduate of the Month for August 2009.

David Kalisz is almost a local to us hailing from Gainesville, Florida; home of the Florida Gators.  Prior to attending our school David worked in the construction field for many years doing heavy civil construction which mostly did roadwork, aggregate production and asphalt paving.

When we asked David why he chose to attend our heavy equipment training program he told us he always had an interest in learning how to operate the heavy construction machines.

We can tell you the work is a lot more satisfying when all you have to do is push or pull a lever to move thousands of pounds of material at a time.  Controlling such powerful machines and able to accomplish so much work and get paid very well to do it leaves people with a feeling of pride and accomplishment.

We asked David what his experience was like during his time with National Training and he told us he got good hands on training with a little of the old school and the new school training with our instructors.

Our instructors, between all of them, carry years of experience and are always eager to pass down this knowledge to our students.  In fact, the vast majority of comments we receive are on the quality of our instructors.

David tells us his favorite part of training was excavating and digging dirt, but he was very surprised how much he enjoyed the bulldozer.  There is something very satisfying about the bull dozer.  Many students tell us how much they enjoy it.  Most say it’s the ease of use and the amount they learn they can actually accomplish with this machine.

As for David’s future plans he wants to stay in the construction industry and be a successful heavy equipment operator for years to come.

Instructor Comments:

When we first met David he stated he worked in construction doing road work and that he was always interested in operating heavy equipment.  When he started we could immediately see he already had some experience.  He did a great job running the loader and when he started with the bulldozer he took all the techniques we gave him and applied them very well.  After awhile he was doing just fine.  David worked hard at everything and absorbed the knowledge we passed down to him very well.  Good job David.

Sam Hogg
Heavy Equipment Lead Instructor
National Heavy Equipment Operator School

Thank you David for choosing us and allowing us to help you in your career goals.

National Training, Inc.

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