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Everyone meet Dallas Wright.
National Training’s Heavy Equipment Operator Graduate for the Month of April 2009.

Dallas came to us from Montgomery Connecticut.  Dallas is currently serving in the military and has just returned from two combat tours in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Dallas has a beautiful wife named Melva and 3 beautiful children.  Two daughters named Dallas and Kati and one son named Dustin.  Dallas and Melva have been married since 2006.  Melva, by the way, is also in the military.  Dallas tells us that his wife and kids have been the greatest part of his life.

As a special note from National Training to our veterans of the armed services.  We appreciate your service to our country.  There are several employees with National Training that are prior service and we understand full well the sacrifices you have made and continue to make.  Thank you.

Dallas chose to become a heavy equipment operator simply because it has been a dream of his since he was a young lad playing with his Tonka trucks in the dirt.  He says, and we quote, “I never was an inside kind of person.” 

For all of our students the choice to take a step towards a new career is not a small venture.  In fact, any decision that involves a life changing event such as this needs to be thought out carefully.  Once a person commits to make the change the next step is how to go about doing it and choosing the best school to get you where you want to be.  We ask all of our student why they chose National Training Heavy Equipment Operator School to get them on the right path and when we asked Dallas…his answer was a simple one…”It was the best”.  Thank you Dallas we do try to be the best and as far as we’re concerned…we are.

Dallas also went on to tell us what his experience was like during his time with National Training.  “It was great!  I couldn’t have asked for a better class, or instructors.  The knowledge I’ve gained here will definitely put me ahead of the rest”.  “The whole class has been memorable.  The field work was both fun and exciting.  It was like a kid’s dream coming true!  Come on!  Who wouldn’t want to operate a huge hunking piece of dirt moving equipment”.

We know exactly how you feel Dallas.  We all love to feel the power of those machines.  There is something about having control of those huge machines and having the power to do massive amounts of work and push massive loads of dirt around that makes a person feel real good.

Dallas’s future plans are “To move some earth!”  He wants to go into a entry level operator job and realizes and has no problem starting where he needs to in order to get him where he wants to be.  Some day Dallas wants to own his own business.

Instructors Comments:

“Dallas started off working hard to get everything right.  Then he really started improving more and more.  He got on the front-end loader and then the bull dozer and after that it all became fun.  It was obvious he was glad to be here and I enjoyed having him here.  By the end he became real good with all of the machines.”

Sam Hogg
Lead Heavy Equipment Instructor
National Training, Inc.

Well Dallas, with drive and skills you have we have no doubt that you will succeed.  We want to thank you and your wife again for serving this country of ours.  We also want to thank you for the kind words and giving us the pleasure of meeting you and choosing our school.  We wish you good luck and much success and please keep in touch with us.

This can be you in a matter of weeks.
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