Bryan Schwartz

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National Heavy Equipment Operators School proudly recognizes Mr. Bryan Schwartz for outstanding achievement and direction. Bryan graduated from our heavy equipment school last April. He has since started his earth moving career with Jax Plumbing and Septic. Jax Plumbing and Septic does new and remedial plumbing installs, residential septic tanks installation, as well as pump installation and sewer cleaning. It may not sound glamorous, but it pays well and there is no shortage of work! Bryan skillfully operates 4X4 tractor/loader/backhoes, rubber posi-track skid steer loaders, and compact excavators.

Bryan Schwartz revenue stream before Earthmover School was mainly in retail sales. He also worked as a debt collector, forestry laborer, food service worker and maintenance director. These probably are all great jobs, but they did not satisfy Bryan’s dreams.

“As a young man I always had a desire to sit in the seat of a land moving machine. The construction field is booming all over the country and all over the world. I know I have great job security.”

Bryan has reached a goal but continues to dream.

His skills as an operator will transport him into the business community in the near future. Bryan dreams of starting a land clearing and site preparation business with relatives. With the rate of new construction, Bryan’s company will do well!

Bryan has a wonderful wife, cat and ferret. We are unsure if the cat and ferret are wonderful. His hobbies include turning wrenches, motor sports, and boating.

We asked Bryan what he liked most about being a heavy equipment operator, this is his reply.

“I enjoy the constant change of atmosphere and moving from job site to job site. I get a real sense of accomplishment when I can turn a hole in the ground into a nicely shaped mound for a septic system.” “National Heavy Equipment Operators School was the first nationally accredited school I came across in an employment catalog here in Jacksonville. They gave me an opportunity to fill a dream.”

We here at National Heavy Equipment Operators School are exceedingly proud of Bryan and wish him all the success one can attain. We also want to award him with the National Heavy Equipment Operator School Featured Graduate honor. Way to Go Bryan!

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