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National Heavy Equipment Operator School Graduate of the Month for September 2010.

Arthur Harris is married and as he proudly tells us “I’ve been with the same wonderful woman going on 20 years and who fully supported me in this effort.”  Wow, it seems you are one lucky guy Arthur.  We hope you will bring her down for a visit so we can meet this wonderful lady you speak so highly of.

Along with a “wonderful women” as his wife, Arthur Harris has 2 children and 3 grandchildren to call his family.  Arthur Harris, a man that has this much luck is very blessed indeed.  Congratulations.

Before becoming a professional heavy equipment operator Arthur earned a living as a ceramic tile setter and he also spent some time on a pipe crew in the ditch.  It was at this point Arthur decided that if he was going to stay in construction it would be as an equipment operator.  We can’t blame you for that Arthur.  In fact, we have had many students in the exact same situation; they start out in the ditch doing the manual labor and dirty part of the job and finally realize that the guy up in the equipment looked pretty clean and comfortable.

In order to achieve this goal of becoming an equipment operator and like all decisions, Arthur had to do his research.  Arthur tells us he chose National Training because it was highly recommended and we are a Nationally Accredited school.

Because a school like ours is very challenging and our students experience a great deal of NEW experiences during their time with us they walk away with many memories they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.  Arthur is no different and he tells us a couple of is memorable moments like the time he really started to get the feel of the bulldozer and how good that felt.  Or his favorite times spent in the field training and the 1 on 1 instruction he received from Sam and Skip.

We want every student to walk away carrying good memories and experiences from our school.  We work hard to ensure our students have good time yet receive the training they deserve to become safe and highly skilled operators so they can have a life that is called the American dream.

At the end of the interview we asked Arthur if he had and thing else he wanted to add to his profile and in his own words “Sam and Skip are very good instructors and I think anyone who listens to them could become a entry level operator.  These guys are the best!”

Well Arthur, thank you for the kind words and we want to wish you the best in the future and for a successful careers.  Please stop by and see us sometime.

Here’s what our Lead Heavy Equipment instructor Sam Hogg had to say about you Arthur:

“Mr. Harris stated to me that he worked in the construction field before coming to school.  He also told me that he wanted to stop working in the ditch and start working in the equipment.  During his time with us it was exciting to watch him whenever he would realize that he had just learned something new or really got the feel for the machine.  He was noticeably more confident and sure of himself and started to work like a seasoned operator, especially when he started to get the hang of the bulldozer.  I enjoyed working with Mr. Harris because he always wanted to learn more and learn it well and he worked hard at everything.  I want to wish Mr. Harris well in his future and I really hope he stops by to see us again sometime.

Sam Hogg
Lead Instructor
National Heavy Equipment Operator School

This can be you in a matter of weeks.
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