Featured graduate Dana Katz attended his portion of hands-on training driving a tractor trailer in August 2012. After serving in the Marines and using heavy equipment for 8 years he said, “Truck driving and heavy equipment go hand and hand. I will be able to provide a stable income to support my growing family.”

Dana shared with National Truck Driving School why he chose our truck driving school over all the others that are out there. He said, ”After researching many other schools, National Truck Driving School provided more instruction prior to even coming to resident training and definitely has more time in the driver’s seat than any other school I had researched.” He’s right! The major trucking companies know that when they hire our graduates, they are getting the best!

We asked Dana about the job opportunities he had while at the training grounds. He had this to say: “I initially applied to only two companies and had positive responses from both within a few days and it was up to me to choose which one would best suit my family life. There were many recruiters from a wide variety of companies. I appreciated the fact that the school didn’t push any companies on me, they simply stated the facts and the benefits, answered all my questions which helped me make the best choice for myself and my family.”

Dana has this to share with those contemplating a career in the trucking industry: “There is nothing like the feeling you get the first time you take an 18 wheeler off-site and turn on an open road, FREEDOM!