cdl training programsIn order for you to become a qualified truck driver in Florida, it is compulsory that you clear your CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) exam. To clear this exam, it is very important that you take necessary classroom and hands-on truck driving training. The CDL truck driver training in Orange Park, Florida is targeted towards making you familiar with the trucks and teaching you how to operate trucks safely under normal driving conditions in just 4 weeks.

The course helps you in learning:-

  • How to do a pre-trip inspection.
  • The proper techniques for and how to start, operate, and shut down diesel tractor-trailers.
  • How to properly document your hours of service in the trucking industry standard logbook.
  • How to safely uncouple and couple a tractor-trailer.
  • How to safely back a tractor-trailer in different conditions using a variety of techniques.
  • How to park a vehicle and keep it secured.
  • The safety procedures defined by the Occupational Safety and Health Act, 1970.
  • How to successfully prepare yourself for the D.O.T. written examination as well as the D.O.T. equipment road test, which is compulsory for you to get employed in the trucking industry.

Whether you have some prior experience in driving trucks or never even sat in a big rig cab, the CDL training programs are for you! During the training sessions, you will get plenty of driving practice on the grounds.

Before the actual CDL exam, you will get to sit in the CDL practice tests in which you will be able to know how well prepared you are and whether you are ready to take the exam or not.

Are you planning to take truck driving as a full-time career? Start with your CDL training today and become eligible for truck-driving jobs in only a month!