class a cdl training jacksonville floridaThe rise of eCommerce giants like Amazon has led to considerable strain on the logistics industry to deliver goods on-time, every time. According to a survey conducted by the American Trucking Associations, there is a shortfall of about 51,000 truck drivers in the country. For individuals looking for employment opportunities, a career in trucking is perhaps a smart career move. Nonetheless, finding a career in trucking has its set of challenges. In order to be equipped for these challenges, it is a good idea to enroll in a CDL truck driving school.

Benefits of becoming a truck driver with CDL training

  • Knowledge of the Industry

While it may seem simple enough, there’s so much more to trucking than meets the eye. This is where CDL training from a professional truck driver school comes handy. Driving a truck is so much different from taking your car on a long drive. There are significantly more challenges to commercial trucking, which make it vital to learn this skill from a professional.

  • Higher Pay

Being a low cost investment and one that will only help you make big bucks; this is the best option for you. Taking the CDL Now Course will only take four weeks and will give you the training to become a licensed truck driver. The starting salary that you’ll get after completing the training will be substantially higher than your initial investment for the CDL Now Course. This is a big reason why a lot of people tend to go choose a career in trucking.

  • Great Employment Opportunities

Should you choose to get into our truck driving school, you’ll have ample job opportunities. Because we know that right people in the industry, we can assist you with starting your career. Many of our CDL Now! graduates have job offers already extended to them from one or more trucking firms by the time they receive their CDL.

The CDL Now Program will train individuals in the operation of a combination semi-tractor-trailer, for entry-level positions within the trucking industry – both interstate and intrastate.  They will learn how to safely and effectively drive under a wide variety of traffic, load, road, weather and geographic conditions and locations.

This program prepares students for truck-driving jobs in only a month – start to finish. During that time, we train beginning students who have never even sat in a big rig cab, how to operate it safely under normal driving conditions. Not just that, during the course, you’ll see recruiting presentations from various trucking firms that are interested in hiring our graduates. Near graduation time, we’ll give you a thorough Career Guidance Orientation. Finally, when you’ve completed your course and earned your CDL, our job placement department will work to find a great job in the truck driving field that’s right for you – that is, if you haven’t already been hired!