Jonathan and Linda Lee, Cdl Training, Truck Driving School Graduates

Truck Driving School Graduates Jonathan and Linda Lee: February 2004



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National Truck Drivers School is proud to announce that the honor of being February ’04 Trucking Graduate of the Month is going to Jonathan and Linda Lee a Husband and Wife team from Stuart, Fl. According to Jonathan (a Crane Operator) and Linda (a Medical Technician) a career change was prompted because they wanted more time together, and being on the road with each other and making money doing it seemed like the ideal situation. Not only did trucking appeal to them for spending time with each other but, being they were Husband and Wife they found out that if one of them attended school at full price the spouse got a 50% discount on tuition. National Truck Drivers School not only offers discounts to spouses but they also work diligently to get student financing for those students who need it, no matter the credit history. National also has a Job Placement Department that helps you “Hook-up” with a trucking company once you have graduated our trucking program. This is part of our exemplarily student services department.

Like a lot of students, shifting was tough for Linda. Our crack staff of Professional Instructors helped her overcome this challenge. Jon’s challenge during training was patience, he wanted it all “now”. Again the staff was able to help him master the skills needed to graduate.Jonathan and Linda got eight job offers after finishing with National’s trucking course, and out of those eight they chose to go with CR England as owner-operators. Being an Owner-Operator means that even though you work for a company you own your own truck. CR England is the nationwide leader in both refrigerated and dry truckload service. CR England’s management team includes several third generation England’s who believe quality, hard work and integrity are the basis for success. They currently have 2700 drivers and 2500 trucks. Their headquarters is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. However, they have terminals all over the US and operate in Canada and Mexico as well.

The reason for choosing CR England? According to the couple it was the freedom and independence the company has given them as well as the money they earn from CR provides the financial stability they needed. Most people have different needs that have to be met before attending a school but, for Jon and Linda it was “no problem”. They choose National because of our reputation as the “best overall school around with the best facilities”.

Thank you Jonathan and Linda Lee for letting us facilitate your future. We are proud to have you as our February 2004 Graduates of the month.

This can be you in a matter of weeks.


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