Truck Driving School Graduate Dave Golder: March 2003



This can be you in a matter of weeks.


In February of 2002, Mr. Dave Golder left our humble abode to take on the world as a commercial truck driver. That doesn’t sound strange does it? It might if you knew Dave’s Background. Dave was a very successful engineer and teacher until the recent downturn in the economy. Dave found himself on the outside looking in. Although a very educated man, Dave found it difficult to find a job in his field. The solution was to change fields. And, so he did.

Being as smart as he his, Dave realized that no matter how bad the economy may get, people will still need products. Dave knew that “If you got it a truck brought it.” Dave chose National Truck Drivers School to help launch him on the new career. He chose us because it was close to his home and our reputation. While with us, Dave encountered the usual challenges with the course, specifically, backing up. With practice and expert guidance from the staff, Dave was backing a tractor-trailer into a loading dock with ease and confidence.

Immediately after graduating and passing his CDL driving test, Dave went to work with Commercial Carrier Corporation. He chose them from the other 4 job offers because CCC gave him the opportunity to be home nights and weekends with his wife, Pat. Dave chose local driving as opposed to over-the-road driving so he could be home more. Dave did this for a year and then branched out on his own as an independent owner/operator. He now has a great time earning money driving for Rinker Materials.

Headquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida, Rinker Materials Corporation operates in 31 states across the country, employing more than 10,500 people at over 381 locations. Rinker Materials Corporation continues to be a leader in the US construction and building materials industry. They are the largest producer of concrete block in the United States, and one of the largest producers of pipe, aggregate, ready mixed concrete and cement.

Dave enjoys boating and skydiving when not behind the wheel. Both of these hobbies require a significant amount of cash to support. Fortunately, for Dave, the cash is there thanks to trucking. We asked Dave if he would recommend a trucking career to others. Dave responded with “only if they are willing to work hard.” It is obvious to us that Dave has worked hard to get where he is now. We are very proud of him for owning his own truck and being one of the very successful independent truckers in this great nation.

Thanks Dave, You are our Graduate of the Month for March 2003.

This can be you in a matter of weeks.


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