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Truck Driving School Graduate Willie White: February 2006



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National Truck Drivers School is pleased as pie to introduce you to Willie White. Willie graduated last October at the age of 38. Prior to pursuing a career in trucking, Willie was a military policeman. In fact, Willie served us all proud as a member of the Armed Forces. When Willie’s time was up, he knew he needed a second career. Willie has a brother that is a professional trucker. He suggested that Willie give it a try.

Willie’s brother was right on. Willie loves trucking. He drives for Coastal Transport today and has since his graduation. Willie went with Costal because he liked what the recruiter had to say when he visited the school. Willie had 8 job offers from the various recruiters that come to the training center.

When Willie was looking for truck schools offering training to Veterans, he soon discovered the field of competitors quickly narrows. National truck Drivers School is one of a precious few trainers that are approved for Veterans. National is also one of a select number of schools that provides home study instruction. This better prepared Willie for resident training. He spent many more hours in the truck than the competition. With all the training time in the truck he still needed a little extra time to master alley dock backing. Alley dock backing can be quite intimidating for a neophyte.


Fortunately for Willie, Sam worked with him individually to insure he would be smooth as silk when backing into tight spots. Sam (pictured here) is not unique. All of our instructors are willing to what it takes to provide the training needed to insure success. Sam won’t win any awards for his looks but he is your best friend when you need truck driver training.

Willie White demonstrated a strong desire to succeed and a determination that lifted everyone up around him. Willie is our Graduate of the Month for February 2006

This can be you in a matter of weeks.


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