Truck Driving School Graduate Wadi Khoury: March 2006



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National Truck Drivers School is pleased to introduce you to another former defender of freedom. This is Mr. Wadi Khoury. Wadi recently retired from the US Navy. Wadi knew he would not be able to completely retire on sailor pay. Since traveling has always been a joy for Wadi, truck driving seemed a logical second career. So he researched truck schools and happened upon National. He chose us based on strong recommendations he found on the Internet.

At Resident Training, Wadi was trained on the operation of big rigs, as well as how to develop good trucker habit patterns. Wadi became adept at shifting the Super-8 and Super-10 transmissions. He also displayed considerable talent when backing the rig into a simulated alley dock. In fact, Wadi excelled at all the elements of the training. He took full advantage of the mile and a quarter private track to hone his skills.

Before training was completed, Wadi received five job offers; or should we say, five career opportunities. Wadi chose Swift Transport to begin his second career. Swift operates the largest truckload fleet in the United States combining strong regional operations, an expedited transcontinental operation, various specialty and dedicated offerings and a comprehensive intermodal package.

Wadi does enjoy the traveling once again. Traveling around this country in a truck and traveling around the world on a ship have few similarities. One similarity for Wadi is he got paid nicely to do both.

If you find yourself near Kingsland, Georgia or having a meal in a truck stop, look for Wadi. If you see him, thank him first for your freedom and thank him for bringing you your stuff.

Wadi is our March 2006 Graduate of the Month.

This can be you in a matter of weeks.


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