Truck Driving School Graduate Victor Popowicz: April 2006



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Victor Popowicz was a successful supervisor that oversaw the daily operations of a machine shop. As machine shop work dwindled, Victor was laid off with the promise of a re-hire when business picked up. Victor decided not to wait. He had seen this play out before. Victor had also tried his hand at installing alarms, machinist, and land clearing. He was just tired of being at the mercy of an employer.

Victor started looking around for reputable training as a means to an end. National Training was the first he looked at. He also looked at many others before coming back to National. Of all the schools he evaluated, he liked the fact that we offered both truck driver training as well as a second to none heavy equipment operator training school. National’s financing plans, courses offered, training location, and the instructional staff, helped Victor choose National.

Victor decided to take advantage of a special incentive being offered at the time and signed up for both heavy equipment and truck driver training. While at school he excelled in all phases of training. Admittedly, he did struggle some learning to shift the tractor-trailer. Shifting these big diesels require some clutch work that is different than the manual transmission in a car. Victor was given first-rate instruction and ample practice before his road test. He did just fine for the CDL examiner.


When Victor graduated he left with three things. First, he obtained valuable skills as an equipment operator. Second, he left with a Florida Class A Drivers License. And finally, he left with multiple job offers, or should we say, career opportunities. Victor chose to start his new career path with O’Brien Tractor Service.

Victor worked very hard for O’Brien. He not only operated a variety of heavy equipment on construction sites, he delivered the equipment to the site. His Class A and operator skills made him invaluable to his employer. Victor soon realized that, even though the money was great, he was still working for someone else. He knew no matter how good he was, he could be laid off with a moments notice.

Victor made a courageous decision. He started his own company called Taz trucking. With the experience he gained as an equipment operator and truck driver delivering the equipment, he was ready to work for himself. If you ask Victor what he likes most about being a truck driver, he’ll respond “I am my own boss.”

Not bad for someone who struggled a bit learning to shift!

Victor Popowicz is National Truck Drivers School’s Student of the Month for April 2006

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