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Truck Driving School Graduate Brian Derby: January 2006



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Brian Derby is one of National Truck Drivers School’s many distinguished graduates. What makes him stand out is his untiring determination to succeed despite the odds, Brian served his country proudly as an infantry man in the US Army. After his time was up he tried his hand in the civilian job market. He soon discovered that most companies are not looking for trained killers. He reluctantly took a job with a cable TV company as a technician. His military training helped him learn his new craft quickly. He did well but soon discovered that advancement was not an option despite how good his skill set was. Brian began to explore other career options.

Brian had more than a passing interest in truck driving. He also knew that the proper training was essential. So, Brian started researching truck driver training organizations. Brian had heard about National Truck Drivers School and investigated us for himself. Brian contacted the school and was immediately assigned a school representative.

Brian was interviewed by one of our counselors, Marilynn Caulder. Marilynn determined that Brian would be an excellent candidate for training. Based on Marilynn’s recommendations, Brian was accepted into the school. He graduated this past May and is now gainfully employed in the trucking industry. Brian did struggle some during the training. Brian had to practice a little more to become proficient at backing up the big rigs. (The Army never backs up.) In the end, he did master this critical skill.

Brian now drives for Werner Enterprises. Werner Enterprises is a truckload motor carrier of general commodities in both interstate and intrastate commerce. Werner is among the five largest truckload carriers in the United States and maintains its headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska, near the center of its service area with service terminals throughout the country. The company operates throughout the 48 contiguous states and also portions of Canada and provides through trailer service in and out of Mexico. Werner was founded in 1956 by Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Clarence L. Werner, who started the business with one truck at the age of 19. Brian was attracted to Werner because of the “Paperless logs” and new equipment. Of course, the pay is pretty good too.

When Brian is not moving down the road bring you your stuff, he enjoys fishing and flying. Brian has also completed the FAA requirements for a private pilot’s license. Flying is an expensive hobby that a cable TV tech could probably not afford. Brian does seem to have a zest for life. Trucking is a good career for him. He enjoys traveling to unknown locations, the adventures that brings, and meeting new people. Has made us proud and we award him with … Graduate of the Month for January 2006.

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