Truck Driving School Graduate Walter Burns: February 2005



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Walter Burns is no stranger to hard work and drive. He spent over twenty years in the United States Navy. During his career he traveled extensively. One would think after a career like that Walter would want to settle down a stay close to the house. Not true for Walter. He enrolled in National truck Drivers School while still on active duty. He was able to take advantage of the Navy’s various tuition reimbursement programs to offset the out-of-pocket costs for training.

When Walter reported for training at our resident Training Facility he was impressed with our private mile and a quarter track. He was given ample time to get comfortable with the semi tractor-trailer before taking it on a public high-way. Most other trucking schools can’t offer that. Walter also liked our Instructors. “Because of them, I had no problems in school, they made it easy.”

Before Walter graduated from Resident training he was offered 13 driving jobs with the 13 different companies, Walter started with TMC. Shortly after that he moved on to Palm Freight Systems. 6 months later, Walter started driving for Auto-Truck Transport. At this point, you might have assumed that Walter can’t keep a job. On the contrary, Walt intentionally and voluntarily left each company he was with. His ultimate goal was to be an Owner/Operator. When Walter had gained sufficient real world experience, and had learned how different trucking companies operated, he was ready. He is now a proud and successful Owner/Operator that is under contract for Colonial Freight Systems.

From its beginning in 1943 as a small, intrastate, Alabama trucking operation to the national, multi-service transportation company of today, Colonial Freight Systems, Inc., has maintained the same philosophy of innovative service at competitive prices.

Walter has realized a dream, makes great money, and still enjoys the traveling. His trucking career is different that his naval career. He doesn’t deploy for six months at a time, his truck is not painted gray, the money’s better, and no one is launching planes from the top of his truck.

Walter has made us proud and he is our graduate of the Month for February 2005.

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