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Truck Driving School Graduate Leroy Johnson: September 2005



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Standing in front of this Coastal Logging Company truck is Mr. Leroy Johnson. Leroy is able to drive for Coastal because he has a good driving record and a Class A commercial drivers license. It wasn’t always that way for Leroy. He also drove truck for Willis Express. In 2004 Leroy fell in love and wanted to come off the road. Having his Class A gave him many choices. He decided to drive for Coastal so he could stay close to home and his new bride. He now just makes day runs.

Leroy was earning a meager salary before trucking. He was very good at building swimming pools. Because Leroy was not the contractor or the company president, his salary did not reflect the labor he put into the job. It is said “The less you make, the harder you work for it.” We’re not sure who said it, but it was true for Leroy. The Georgia sun can be brutal and Leroy toiled in it day after day for peanuts.

Becoming tired of pool installations, he gave National Truck Drivers School a call. Living payday to payday was all the motivation Leroy needed to succeed at truck driving. He knew the jobs and the money was there for a good driver. Leroy was a great student. He completed all his bookwork in a timely fashion and sailed through the Resident Training without any major problems. Leroy did struggle a tad with parallel parking. This type of parking can be a challenge since one is trying to slide 60 feet of vehicle into an open spot. Leroy was afforded plenty of practice and excelled on his road test. After it was all over and Leroy was embarking on his new career, he paid us a very nice compliment. He said “Of all the schools I checked out, this was the best school to go to.”

We thank Leroy for that and humbly award him graduate of the month honors for September 2005.

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