Truck Driving School Graduate James Mideke: March 2005



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James Mideke gave the US Navy over twenty years of his life. During that time he routinely placed his life in harms way for you and me. When his service to the country was coming to a close, the Navy helped him one more time. Through help from the Tuition Assistance program, James enrolled in National Truck Drivers School. James chose National for several reasons. Tuition assistance was a good reason, but National Truck Drivers School is just up the road from his home in green Cove Springs. His relatives also recommended us for his training needs. No matter the reason, National was glad to have him.

While at Resident Training, James was introduced to 7 different models of Semi-tractor trailers and 4 different types of transmissions. James practiced shifting on 8-speeds, 9-speeds, 10-speeds, super 10, and a 13 speed transmission. He performed flawlessly due to excellent instruction from the training personnel.

Before graduation, James received several offers for employment. He was “pre-hired” by three leading employers in the trucking industry. Werner, Swift, and Stephens were all interested in retaining the services of our Mr. Mideke. James was a desirable candidate due to his military experience and his training through National Truck Drivers School.

James accepted Werner’s offer and went to work for them after graduation. Werner Enterprises is a truckload motor carrier of general commodities in both interstate and intrastate commerce. Werner is among the five largest truckload carriers in the United States and maintains its headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska, near the center of its service area with service terminals throughout the country. The company operates throughout the 48 contiguous states and also portions of Canada and provides through trailer service in and out of Mexico.

We asked James to summarize his truck driving career for us. He told us simply, “I have seen the world and now its time to see the country.” James went on to recommend a career in trucking to anyone who enjoys traveling. He also stated “The money’s pretty good too!”

Thank you James for being an example to us all.

You are our Graduate of the Month for March 2005

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