Truck Driving School Graduate Ire Gene Grovner Jr.: November 2005



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Mr. Ire Gene Grovner Jr. graduated from National Truck Drivers School in February of 2002. He had always had jobs involving driving. It’s all he has ever wanted to do. .He realized that having desire and skill was not enough to achieve his goals. A Class A Commercial Driver’s License is the minimum employers require now. In addition, most employers will not take a chance on a driver unless documented training is evident. This step to attaining Ire’s goal was assisted by National.

Mr. Grovner shopped many trucking schools in the south eastern part of the US and discovered that National Truck Drivers School had no equals. “Other schools just don’t compare”, he said. Fees, facilities, equipment, staff, and accreditations make National the right choice. Because Ire had driving experience before coming to National, he sailed right through without any problems. He was challenged by the Hazmat test offered by the Department of Motor Vehicles. Ire did pass that too!

Ire’s exceptional talent and motivation caught the eye of many of prospective employers. In fact Ire was offered 20 different job opportunities before graduation. He decided to start this leg of his career with Werner Enterprises. Werner Enterprises is a truckload motor carrier of general commodities in both interstate and intrastate commerce. Werner is among the five largest truckload carriers in the United States and maintains its headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska, near the center of its service area with service terminals throughout the country. The company operates throughout the 48 contiguous states and also portions of Canada and provides through trailer service in and out of Mexico.

As good as Werner is to work for and with, It was a building block for Ire’s ultimate goal. When Ire realized he needed training, he was not doing so great financially. He looked around and found that he qualified for assistance under the Workforce Investment Act.

WIA is based on the “One-Stop” concept where information about and access to a wide array of job training, education, and employment services is available for customers at a single neighborhood location. Customers will be able to easily receive help filing claims for unemployment insurance and evaluating eligibility for job training and education programs or student financial aid.

Ire took advantage of the programs he qualified for through WIA and made the very best of it. Today, Ire no longer drives a truck for Werner Enterprises. Ire Gene Grovner is an owner – operator with his own truck and thriving business. If you look closely at his photo, you will clearly see a “G” in the G & J Trucking. That G is for Grovner! Ire learned his lessons well.

Ire learned how to take full use of opportunities available through State and Federal Programs. He made full use of the training offered by National Truck Drivers School. He acquired real fleet experience with Werner Enterprise, and finally, he practiced self discipline to be able to afford his own truck and start out on his own. Be cause of these things, Ire Gene Grovner is the committee’s unanimous pick for Graduate of the Month for November 2005.

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