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Truck Driving School Graduate Donald Fewell: October 2005



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National Truck Drivers School would like you to meet an “oldie but a goodie.” This is Donald Fewell. Donald is from Amarillo, Texas. He attended our truck driving program way back in October of 2002. He researched many of truck schools before arriving at our doors. We asked him, “Why us?” He explained that we had the best facilities and a competitive price. We agree! Our almost 400 acre training facility with our private mile and a quarter track does make us stand out in the trade!

Donald was 53 years old when he presented himself for training. Although not unusual, we were curious. Donald was a teacher for years. Those little darlings wore on him over the years and he decided to leave the educational field. He moved on to the electrical design field. The prevailing economy necessitated his layoff from that career field. So, Donald made lemonade from the lemon he was handed and chased his boyhood dream of being a trucker. He was successful in his pursuit and is now gainfully employed by FFE Transportation Services.

FFE Transportation Services is one of the largest trucking companies in North America. They are the only refrigerated carrier offering both full-truckload and less-than-truckload service, from coast to coast and from Montreal to Mexico. The company calls it “full service”. Donald went with FFE because of the great pay and a local route close to home. FFE won out over five other job offers Donald had to consider before he graduated.

Donald now has the opportunity to enjoy the things that bring him pleasure without having the worries of being laid off. Don can be found flying a remote controlled plane from time to time. He also likes camping and traveling around this great country of ours.

The staff at National Truck Drivers School is very impressed with Donald’s accomplishments and his courage. It’s not easy to make a career change at 53 years old. Because he showed strength in the face of possible ruin, we proudly honor him with Graduate of the Month for October 2005.

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