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Truck Driving School Graduate Daniel Martins: May 2005



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Around three years ago, Daniel Martins achieved a milestone in his quest to be a contributor in the family business. Although he had been a diesel mechanic and an auto transporter, it did not satisfy his needs. Daniel wanted to drive his own big rig.

In June of 2003, Daniel graduated from National Truck Drivers School. His biggest problem to overcome during the training was actually getting to the training. Daniel is not what one would call a morning person. Once he was at the facility, he excelled in the more challenging phases of the school. He breezed though alley docking as well as shifting the super 8 and super 10 transmissions. Before his training was complete, several trucking companies were interested in him. He respectfully turned them down to take his place in the family business Martins Transport.

Daniel loves the freedom the open brings. He enjoys seeing this vastly diverse landscape and being well compensated to do it. Although he enjoys his travels, he also has hobbies that take him out of his truck. Daniel loves to restore cars. He is currently working on an import job. When not turning wrenches or motoring down the road, he also likes to shoot guns. National Training supports the Second Amendment.

Daniel Martins has earned the respect of his family, peers, and us here at National. We are always pleased when we can help make a difference in someone’s life and career outlook.

Daniel Martins is National Truck Drivers School’s Graduate of the month for May 2005.

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