Truck Driving School Graduate Chuck Dalbrerth: June 2005



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This fine gentleman is Chuck Dalbrerth and he hails from Apopka Florida. You may not have ever heard of Apopka, but it is next door to Orlando, home of the mouse. He likes where he lives, but in 2003 he was absolutely sick of what he was doing. Chuck admittedly was “stuck in a factory too long”. Enter boy hood dreams.

Chuck wanted to try truck driving but was not sure. He gave National truck Drivers School a call. We put him in touch with Joe Hartwig his admissions representative in area. Joe answered questions and asked a few too. After the interview, Chuck made the decision to be a trucker and has not looked back.

Joe attended the Resident Training phase in September of 2003. He was trained on a myriad of late mode trucks. He was given expert instruction in the fine art of shifting the Super-8 and Super-10 transmissions. Chuck had a bit of a challenge when it came to learning how to safely back these behemoths up in to a loading dock. Chuck practiced and practiced under the watchful tutelage of the staff and he became a backing Jedi.

Now Chuck drives for Central Refrigeration. Central is one of the largest temperature controlled truckload carriers in the nation. Every truck in their fleet is satellite equipped making communications and tracking a reality. Chuck had 5 job offers before graduating from training. He chose Central because they had a south east regional distribution center close to his home. The pay and benefits helped his decision too!

When not on the road, Chuck enjoys tinkering with Harley Davidson motorcycles. Driving trucks gives him the freedom and cash to indulge in this obsession. Freedom is Chuck’s favorite word. Now that he is a trucker he enjoys many freedoms. Chuck highly recommends a trucking career to anyone who wants the freedoms he now enjoys.

Chuck is National Truck Drivers School Graduate of Month for June 2005.

This can be you in a matter of weeks.


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