Truck Driving School Graduate Camelia Sebastian: August 2005



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National Truck Drivers School is pleased as punch to present for your review one Ms. Camelia Sebastian. Camelia hails from West Palm Beach Florida. She attended National’s truck training course back in October of 2004. She recently popped in with her truck and sat down for a visit.

Camelia was an office manager when we met her. She had also held some jobs that were not going to provide long-term security or excitement. Camelia was a cashier and a pharmacy tech for years before the office manager job became available. Considering her past employment, you would think that Camelia would be pleased and happy; not so.

Camelia has always wanted to drive. In fact, one of her favorite hobbies is driving. After a few years of being beat down the way office managers are, she decided to pursue her life long dream. She disregarded the stereotypes that women can’t drive or women can’t back up. She knew in her heart that this ugly handle did not apply to her. She tore up the training provided at Green Cove Springs. She learned how to operate a tractor-trailer first on our private track and then out on city, state, and federal roads. Camelia was challenged by backing up these huge rigs into tight alley docks, but she did do extremely well when it came to the final road test. Camelia did so well that trucking companies couldn’t wait to interview her.

Camelia had many job offers before she graduated. She decided to go with Service Trucking Inc. Service Trucking is family owned and operated since 1976 and provides quality transportation services of both refrigerated and dry products to all points within the continental United States. Service Trucking Inc. has grown to a fleet of over 140 tractors and 250 refrigerated, dry van and flatbed trailers. Service Trucking utilizes late model well maintained equipment and the latest technological advances in the Industry to satisfy the need of both customers and drivers.

Camelia is now a very successful driver for Service Trucking. She enjoys the pay, benefits, and of course, the way they treat her. We asked her, out of all the truck schools available, why she chose National Truck Drivers School. She promptly explained to us that we have the best course, best instructors, and best reputation. It’s that kind of talk that can earn graduate of the month status!

Camelia actually earned our Graduate of the Month for August 2005 due to her perseverance, determination, and willingness to take a risk. We are proud of her and wish her all the successes possible.

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