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Truck Driving School Graduate Basil Berry: July 2005



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National Truck Drivers School is proud to introduce you to Basil Berry. Basil graduated from our school back in March of 2003. Prior to attending truck driver training, Basil was a U.S. Marine. Now that Basil has retired from the Corps, he was in need of a revenue stream. The civilian job market for trained, steely eyed killers is pretty thin. Basil investigated National and other schools to determine the best possible training packages available. He was pleased to discover that National is VA approved and Uncle Sam helped with tuition costs. After our Admissions Representative Herb Peters attested to Basil’s ability to complete the training, Basil enrolled.

Before Basil had finished the training, he had received 6 job offers from various trucking companies. He deliberated only briefly before choosing to drive for Werner Enterprises. Basil had a friend already driving for Werner and he strongly recommended that Basil give them a try. Werner’s paperless logs were a plus too. Basil breezed through the training and hit the highway shortly there after. Basil reports to us that he loves driving. “I get to travel and meet new people.”

There are times when Basil isn’t behind the wheel. During those times he enjoys putting his boat in the water and motoring up and down the St. Johns River. I guess Basil is still behind the wheel of something. He also likes to hit the golf ball up and down the links. I wonder if he drives as good there.

National Truck Drivers School is pleased that Basil chose us to help his transition into civilian life. We are grateful for the opportunity. We gladly bestow…

Graduate of the Month for July honors on Basil Berry

This can be you in a matter of weeks.


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